10 Eye-opening Facts about Social Media in PH

10 Eye-opening Facts about Social Media in PH


As of January 2016, the total population in the Philippines has reached over a hundred million, and forty six percent of this population are active internet users. There's no surprise that almost Filipinos are actively joining social media, not just connecting with friends and family but also for the purpose of catching news, purchasing products and services, and even job searching.

Indeed, social media continues to change the way we live. Here are some facts from We Are Social regarding digital statistics in the Philippines for 2016. Has the Philippines gone too far?

1. Of the entire Philippine population, 47% are active social media users and 40% are active mobile social users.


2. The total number of mobile subscription is 119.2 million, it's 117% of the total Philippine population.

3. 87% of adult population are mobile phone users.

4. Facebook is the most active social media platform with 26%, followed by Facebook Messenger with 23%, while Twitter and Instagram also tops the list with 13% and 12%.


5. Ages 20-29 years old are the most active users on Facebook.


6. When it comes to mobile activity: 33% are using Mobile Messenger; 26% watching videos and 23% playing games.


7. Social media platforms are used for searching and purchasing products and services by 29% of the population.


8. Along with Brazil, Philippines tops time spent on the internet using PC or tablet with 5 hours and 12 minutes; the highest time spent among other countries.



9. Philippines has only an average of 3.2Mbps in terms of the net connection speed versus the global average of 5.1Mbps.


10. Philippines tops the list of countries with the most time spent on social media each day.


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