5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Maintaining productivity is hard for some, especially with distractions around and your behavior towards doing your tasks at work matter. Did you know that some of your work habits could be disrupting your ability to get things done without even realizing it? Here are a few habits you can stay away from to keep being productive at work.

How to Stay Positive at Work

It is important to stay positive at work. Negativity at the workplace is not only bad for your mood, but it could also impact your productivity. You may encounter negative situations at work, but you still must behave professionally and keep doing your job.

7 Phrases You Should Never Say at Work

No matter how skilled and accomplished you are, there are certain phrases that instantly change the way your colleagues see you and may always cast you in a negative light. What you say and how you say it can have a big impact on your success. So here are the 7 things you should never say at work if you want to be successful.

5 Ways to Deal with a Job Search Rejection

Being rejected after a job interview can severely dent your confidence. It is never a pleasant experience, particularly if you’ve faced several rejections so far in your job search. However, by thinking objectively, you can use job rejection to build on your core strengths, address development points and ultimately find a job that suits you best.

4 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

In a world where more and more people find themselves working in roles that could be considered “always on” jobs, how do you achieve and maintain work-life balance? Here are some of the tips for you to reclaim the control and have a better work-life balance.

5 Major Job Application Mistakes

A job application is the first contact you have with a future employer, even before you meet them face to face for an interview. Your application has the power to land you the job, or prohibit you from getting it. Here are five major reasons why your job application will be put into the trash file.

50 Inspiring Leadership Quotes

No matter how big or small your team, sometimes you need to look within yourself for motivation and inspiration. Here are some compilation of the best quotes on leadership. These are beautiful words of wisdom you can share and most importantly use for you to be the best or become a better leader than you already are.

10 Rules for Corporate Email Etiquette

Email is a big part of company communications not only to customers, business partners but also within the workplace. While we try to work faster and more efficiently, we must not forget the rules that accompany any form of communication especially in an electronic email.

20 Pieces of Career Advice from the Experts

Career advice can help you make smart decisions towards your jobs, guide you in your career advancement, and keep your spirits high and motivated when work gets tough.

To help guide you in the right direction in your career, here's a compilation of 20 of the best tips coming from the experts of different industries.

6 Proven Ways for Getting Yourself Promoted

Ready to take that next step on your career? You may be wishing for a bigger role and a bigger paycheck. But before you ask for that promotion, be sure that you're doing all the right things to catch the attention of your boss and help ensure that the answer will be positive.