5 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Graveyard Shift

Human beings are naturally mainly active during daytime. But there are those who take a job requiring them to work nights. By doing so, they put themselves at great risk of becoming unhealthy. In fact, night-shift workers are more likely to develop a condition than people who work regular hours.

3 Simplest Ways to Succeed in Sales

While it’s easy to focus on using sales to boost your earnings in the beginning, the practice of it is more than just about being blessed with enough charm to sell virtually any product to anyone. Focus on helping, rather than selling. Creating good relationships with your customers improves your chance for success significantly.

Building a Positive Company Culture this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and it isn't just for kids. This much-anticipated 'trick or treat' season is also an opportunity to get employees involved in a company-initiated activity like this. The popularity of this spooktacular tradition is increasingly and widely celebrated in the workplace today, especially in BPO companies.

Tips to Get a Job if You Haven’t Worked in a While

If you haven’t been employed for a while, you'd noticed that your industry continued to develop and moved forward while you were idle. Both commerce and industry, in general, thrive on change driven by progress. It’s hard for the unemployed to keep up, making landing a suitable job increasingly difficult.

7 Common Job Interview Mistakes

Job interview is a crucial part of the application process. No matter how good you believe your credentials are, your interview will ultimately determine if you get the job or not. Even professionals who have held several jobs are likely to make mistakes during an interview.

6 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

While certain pieces of technology make job interviewing increasingly convenient, it takes more preparation for you to stand out from the competition. As more employers embrace video and web-based technologies to conduct screening interviews with prospective job candidates, it becomes even more important for you to be prepared as you begin your job search.

5 Tips to Write a Compelling Cover Letter

Cover letters are a good opportunity to showcase qualifications you can’t fully explain in your resume. A great one can help you to make an impact on a potential employer and stand out from numerous other hopefuls and get your resume on top of the pile.

Think Twice on Who You Use for Job References

Referees are important in the job searching process. They provide details to your potential employer and strengthen information on what you have written on your resume. Your referee can also be asked to give an opinion on your behavior towards a working environment such as reliability and punctuality.

5 Soft Skills That Will Get You Hired

It's not enough to have just your core skills. What will make you most valuable among other job applicants is when you combined your core skills with personal and intangible skills. These soft skills are among the most important keys to lifelong career success and will make crucial difference in your career regardless of the country, industry or job you work in.

What’s Next To Do After a Job Interview

With the job interview over, the waiting game has begun. Waiting for word on whether you got the job can be just as nerve-racking as the other steps of the application process. You may be proactive by letting the employer know you’re looking forward to their feedback, but make sure you do it the right way.