5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity

5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity


Maintaining productivity is hard for some, especially with distractions around and your behavior towards doing your tasks at work matter. Did you know that some of your work habits could be disrupting your ability to get things done without even realizing it? Here are a few habits you can stay away from to keep being productive at work.

Ineffective Multitasking

Multitasking is the most common and among the worst habit that can ruin your productivity. Multitasking wastes your productivity because task gets less attention, which means your attention is divided between tasks and your focus is expended majority on the act of switching back and forth. Each time you start a new task, don’t stop working on it till it’s finished. It might be hard at first, but eventually your focus and work quality will improve because of it.

Bulky to-do list

Clogging your head with so much things you need to do puts a lot of pressure on your brain and probably makes you more tired too. For to-do-lists to be effective, and to prevent you from getting overwhelmed, you need to keep your lists short, usually around three of your most important items per day.

Unnecessary Meetings

If you want meetings to be productive, send an email about the agendas beforehand and keep the meeting under 30 minutes. Set clear expectations, send materials in advance, start and end on-time, and stay focused on the important matters. You should also assess whether a meeting is really necessary or not. In most instances, a quick email or phone call is enough.


Procrastination almost never works out for the better in any situation, particularly when it comes to the workplace. Waiting until the last minute to get things done can force you to push back other time-sensitive tasks, looping you into an endless cycle of overdue items. Instead of letting that hang-over your head, you need to just bite the bullet and get it done.

Social Media

Social media is a big time-waster at work unless you are responsible running your company’s social media accounts. Social media is very useful if you want to connect with friends or follow the recent trends, but if it’s not work-related and just want to gossip about the people you know, then social media at work is a big NO.


Identify time wasters at work and nip them in the bud to ensure that you stay productive day-in and day-out. To spend the day more meaningful and productive, don’t let your behavior and habits affect your productivity.