How Call Center Workers Can Keep Work-Life Balance

How Call Center Workers Can Keep Work-Life Balance


It’s normal to work through the night until early in the morning for the country’s call center workers. The large majority of call centers work during the graveyard shift to serve foreign clients in different time zones. Due to this, call center workers miss night-outs with friends and family gatherings. They are also often unavailable when their loved ones are normally up and about during the daytime.

If you’re a call center worker whose routine has shifted, sooner or later, you will begin to miss out on a lot. Fortunately, you don’t have to be missing in action all the time. There are simple ways you can regain your work-life balance and resume spending quality time with your loved ones.

Here are some ways on how to balance your work and life as a call center agent

Learn to Manage Your Time Effectively

Being busy isn’t the same as being effective. Learn how to organize and plan how much time will you spend on a particular activity 24 hours in a day. Give time for yourself or for your family and friends; try your best not to take work at home.

Give yourself enough time to rest and sleep. You need it in order to become more productive and focus in things that you do. Schedule your daily routine according to structure of your work schedule, follow this so you can be as productive as during your previous normal daily schedule.

Good time management will result to better professional reputation, less stress and it's a greater opportunities to achieve life and career goals.

Take it Slow

Don’t change your routine all at once; take baby steps instead. Altering your daily life completely right away will be tough and potentially harmful. If you used to work out after waking up in the morning, slowly start doing so at your new wake-up time. You could become unhealthy or even sick if you suddenly stop exercising or exercise as much as usual before heading to the office.

Take a Break

You can't perform your greatest potential if you are tired and stressed. Have an escape, stress-relieving activities will enable you to avoid burnout. They may be things you like doing that aren’t related to work, like indulging your favorite hobby. Do them on the weekend as you’ll have enough time.

Working in a BPO industry during graveyard shift does not mean you have to change the usual way living life. Time management, restructuring, keeping to a routine, de-stressing and recharging are important for call center workers to maintain their work-life balance. It will take some effort to achieve, but you’re sure to remain calm, and happy at home keeping the balance between your professional and personal life.