How to Stay Positive at Work

How to Stay Positive at Work


It is important to stay positive at work. Negativity at the workplace is not only bad for your mood, but it could also impact your productivity. You may encounter negative situations at work, but you still must behave professionally and keep doing your job. So, if you are finding it difficult to handle negativity at work, here are few tips to help you stay positive.

Recognize negativity

You need to identify the negativity around you, if it feels bad or uncomfortable then it's negative. If you can identify what's happening and what went wrong then you can make good decisions and act on it right away.

Give yourself a break

Have a short break every hour or two. You can't really work for entirely eight hours a day. You need to step away, get some fresh air and have a stretch. You will relieve your exhaustion and feel refresh by the time you come back to your workload and you will be ready to get things done immediately.

Learn something new

Keep investing in yourself and try to learn something new. Learn as much as you can from every work experience you have. This will make you feel accomplished. You don’t even need to spend money to attend classes, seminars or workshops for this. You can try free online classes or videos on YouTube to improve your skills. Then you can share your knowledge with others and try to teach them a new skill.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments

Reward yourself for every goal you achieve or task you complete. Giving yourself small gifts that will make you proud of yourself will increase your self-esteem and therefore, will make you feel positive.

Build Relationships with Colleagues

Having a friendly community at work will make you feel more supported in your work duties, which can help cut stress levels. You don’t have to be best friends with your colleagues or know every detail of their lives. However, having a friendly and respectful relationship with them will make your workplace seem more positive, comfortable and fun.

Set goals

Figure out attainable short and long-term goals then create a step-by-step plan to complete them. You will find new purpose in each workday and could even set yourself up for a raise at year’s end by showing your boss exactly what you’ve accomplished.

Ask for feedback

You must take initiative and ask for feedback. If you receive a negative one, remember that your work is being criticized, not you. Think of ways to improve. On the other hand, if you receive positive comments, try to write it down in a notebook to boost your mood on tough days to boost your mood.

Smile More

A genuine smile will send your brain positive signals so you will start seeing things in a positive way. Smile when you greet your coworkers and clients. Smile when you walk down the hall. Smile even when you don’t want to smile, and see how much it improves your days! Smiling even if you don’t feel happy will make you feel better, and seeing a smile on your face will make others feel better, too!


A positive attitude can go a long way. You can’t control negativity in the workplace, but you can control how to respond to it. With practice, you can learn to adjust your attitudes to make them work more in your favor more often, and influence others to behave in an appropriate, positive and professional manner. It's important in the workplace to spread positive energy – it always comes back.