iSupport Worldwide Achieves New Milestone

iSupport Worldwide Achieves New Milestone


Fast growing international BPO company iSupport Worldwide shifts into high gear towards further expansion as it reaches another milestone with their new site that will be fully operational at the start of the last quarter of this year.

Last September 29, officers and employees of iSupport Worldwide took part in the handover ceremony of their second facility at the 12th floor of Robinsons Cyberscape Beta in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

“Gradually, we are establishing ourselves as one of the most sought-after employers in the industry today. This new facility is the symbol of the best of what all of us can achieve if we work together,” explains Charlie Bognot, Director for Human Resources of iSupport Worldwide.

Bognot also shared that the company remains committed to helping client’s businesses grow with the wide range of services they offer from voice to non-voice from different fields or industries like finance and accounting, customer service, marketing, sales support, IT, insurance, healthcare, medical, advertising, HR recruitment and more.

The iSupport Worldwide commitment of providing scalable solutions to take client’s business to the next level and building a customized and dedicated team for their business is a significant part of the inspiring success story of the company. It started as a shared service and customer service team for AMMEX Corporation, a leading international, importer and distributor of superior quality disposable gloves. “The move to the Ortigas facility was a major breakthrough in the development and success of iSupport Worldwide as a complete BPO organization. Everything else that followed thereafter, e.g., new clients, building and filling up all more seats of the current spaces, and most recently the acquisition of another space are some of the milestones that define iSupport Worldwide. From an HR perspective, the most important and significant highlight is the inclusion and hiring of top caliber managers, leaders and team members to spearhead and bring the organization to the next level,” added Bognot.

Romaness Cornelia, Director for Operations, considers the rebranding of iSupport Worldwide as offshoot from Ammex iSupport and a doubled workforce from 2016, as the other major milestones that defines what the company is known today.

Cornelia also added, “We will be launching important programs and innovations soon like the grand opening of our new site, acquisition of a third site, our new company logo and scaling up to 1,000 employees in 2018 from our current workforce of more than 460 hardworking men and women of iSupport Worldwide.”

The skills that iSupport Worldwide talents possess are suitable to any type of business processing operations. The passion, professionalism, dedication and commitment of its people are among the reasons that brought success to the company.

A formidable team of strategic thinkers and doers implements a systematic approach to providing the best solution for their clients’ business needs. Anchored to the iSupport Worldwide advantage, clients can keep their business 24/ 7/ 365, focus on their core and reap immediate cost savings.

For companies that do not settle for anything less, iSupport Worldwide can provide the best, the most creative and passionate people in the industry today to work together in reaching business goals through a team that maintains standard of quality, with complete transparency.

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