8 Questions Good Candidates Ask in a Job Interview

8 Questions Good Candidates Ask in a Job Interview


As the job interview winds down, one of the final questions thrown at every applicant is, “Do you have any questions for us?”. This is an important part of the interview process. Asking intelligent questions demonstrates a genuine interest in the job, preparedness for the position and confidence in your skills as a good candidate. Here are eight of the best questions that can set you apart from the pack.

1. What kind of background and skill set are you looking for in the candidates for this position?

Get the specifics straight from the employer’s mouth. Ask this question to find out what their expectations are and prove to them that you can meet their expectations. This is also a good time to add and explain other important points regarding your application you might have missed.

2. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?

Many companies consider being a team player an important quality in a candidate. Showing interest in colleagues indicates your willingness to work with others. You will be working with them every day, so it’s vital to get an idea of the team’s dynamics.

3. What opportunities for growth and development does this position offer?

Employers prefer candidates who will stay for the long run. Show them you’re aiming for long-term success in their organization by showing interest in the opportunities for career advancement from the position you’re applying for, as well as opportunities for training and education.

4. How is success in this position measured?

This is an important question: Not only does it show you are committed to delivering good results, it also lets you know the objectives you are expected to hit and how you’re going to be evaluated.

5. What are the company’s goals and how does the department I’ll be working in support them?

This question signals that you are aware of the bigger picture. It conveys the importance of being aligned with the overall mission of the company and your willingness to work as hard as needed to achieve the company’s goals.

6. Do you have any issues with my application?

Being proactive and open to criticism is a valuable attribute of an employee, so don’t be afraid of asking about possible weaknesses in your application. It’s a chance to address their concerns and highlight your readiness to continue learning and improving.

7. What is the next step in the application process?

Show them you’re eager to get started and you want to be prepared. It’s also a practical question during the first interview, so you know what to expect while waiting for whether your application will be accepted in the next couple of weeks.


Job interview is a two-way street, and a successful one is simply a productive conversation. Thought provoking questions make the interviewer remember you after. Failing to come up with few inquiries may make you seem incompetent and uninterested to the position you are applying for. Show to the interviewer how smart and well-prepared you are.