Tips to Get a Job if You Haven’t Worked in a While

Tips to Get a Job if You Haven’t Worked in a While


If you haven’t been employed for a while, you'd noticed that your industry continued to develop and moved forward while you were idle. Both commerce and industry, in general, thrive on change driven by progress. It’s hard for the unemployed to keep up, making landing a suitable job increasingly difficult. Fortunately, getting a job even if you haven’t been employed for a long time isn’t as hard as it once was. These days, there are various ways you can land a job with relative ease.

Learn what's new

Industries change rapidly nowadays with increasing globalization driven by rapid technological innovation. You have to keep up with your industry if you want to get back on track. There are many ways to be updated on the developments, like doing online research, undergoing training and being certified. Online research provides a good way of being up to date on your industry because most of the information you need to know is accessible online. While training can be costly, it’s worth the money you would spend. Companies prefer applicants who have enriched their education over those who didn’t.

Being certified in, say, the latest technology pertaining to your industry is almost the same as being employed – showing experience that makes you a desirable candidate increasing your chance of getting hired.

Be searchable

Update your resume and post it online. Having an online presence allows recruiters to find you easily. Social networks, like LinkedIn, are great places to start. Create a profile, and fill in all sections that apply to you. LinkedIn members can network with like-minded individuals, like those within their industry. At the same time, many recruiters look for candidates through social networking sites. There are also industry-specific websites and forums. Joining these can help you find job opportunities.

Reach out

Touching base with your old colleagues while creating new connections is an effective way of finding vacancies and gaining endorsements to them. These connections can come in the form of old school friends, former suppliers, or clients. Offline networking, like participation in church activities, can also lead to favorable references. Endorsements from credible individuals can give you an edge over the competition.


Volunteering increases your experience and beefs up your credentials, making you an even more desirable candidate. To ensure this, do volunteer work in jobs and tasks pertinent to the job you want. There are always a lot of opportunities for volunteer work. You could help in organizing a fund-raising event for your community, or participate in an educational activity, like being a resource person for a local school or a non-profit organization.

Get Freelance Work

Thanks to the Internet, there are more freelance work now available than ever before. Take advantage of those jobs for experience, on-the-job training and networking. Doing freelance work also offers you the chance to try other opportunities, as well make use of your other skills.

Update your Skills

One of the most important thing you can do to boost your chances on the job market after a long spell away is to update your skills. Enroll and complete one of the many free courses available and you’ll see a ripple-effect of positivity. This includes a huge lift to your confidence and morale, as you’ll be meeting and learning alongside people in the same situation as you, and practicing professional skills in a safe place. An extra training along with tangible and relevant skills will help convince a potential employer that you are fit for the position you are applying for.

Fill the Resume Gap

If you have been unemployed for a while, you need to show in your resume what you have been doing in that time. Employers especially like to learn that while you were unemployed you did something that supports your job objective. If you didn't do something relevant to your work, be sure to tell them you were involved in something that shows strength of character. In order to gain the employer’s trust, you need to explain gaps in your history.


Being unemployed for more than six months can make it harder to find a job - but it isn’t impossible. Learn the latest in your field, be easily found online, contact former co-workers, network, volunteer, and freelance. You will find work sooner than you’d think.