Think Twice on Who You Use for Job References

Think Twice on Who You Use for Job References


Referees are important in the job searching process. They provide details to your potential employer and strengthen information on what you have written on your resume. Your referee can also be asked to give an opinion on your behavior towards a working environment such as reliability and punctuality.

Aside from presenting your qualifications, skills and experience, spend little time to decide who you should choose as referees. Choosing a good one can make all the difference. You might be rejected from a job that were perfect for you if you choose the wrong person.

Be cautious who you choose. Here are some reminders on who you should pick out among your colleagues as your job references that will increase your chances for getting hired.

People who are ready and easy to contact

Giving your job references a heads-up that your prospective employer will contact them is a necessary part of your application. Unless the recruiter tells you, there’s no guaranteeing when they will contact your job references, so tell them to be ready to take the call or respond to the message from the recruiter regarding your application. If they are difficult to contact, or do not respond promptly, your prospective employer might lose patience and move on to another applicant, losing your chance for landing the job.

People who know your strength and abilities

Good character referees are people who have been relatively close to you. Basically, you want to keep it to people who can attest to your work ethic like former colleagues and supervisors. By using people who can give specific examples as to how reliable you are, you will be setting yourself up to look like an ideal employee.

People who had positive working relationships with you

It would be wise for you to use your former colleagues with whom you worked well. Since you were on good terms with them, they will not criticize you or speak negatively of you but will sincerely and even enthusiastically recommend you to recruiters. Encouraging them to pick you for the job will increase your chance for landing it.

People who are able to speak authoritatively on the job for which you’re applying

Choose former colleagues who are knowledgeable on the job you want. They can best explain to recruiters how you’re the most qualified applicant for that job, enabling you to stand out from the competition, increasing your chance for landing it even more.

People who you trust

Given how mistakes can happen during the conversation between them and your prospective employer, your job references must have your best interests at heart. They should genuinely care for you. Being so, lets you count on them to recommend you to recruiters in the best possible way.


There’s more to getting the job you want than believing you’re the best applicant for it. You’ll need help in getting your foot in the door of the company. Pick those who will be most helpful. The better choices you make, the better your chance for getting the job.