Why You should Work in a BPO Company

Why You should Work in a BPO Company


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is now considered as the center of the Philippine economy due to its contribution for the past decade. It fuels the growth of the Philippine economy not only by generating billions of dollars in revenue but also creating jobs for hundreds of thousands of Filipinos.

In 2010, the Philippines was declared the world's BPO capital, and in the latest figures, cited by Tholons, Manila placed on the second spot in the list of Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations.

This industry is now one of the biggest and fastest growing job providers attracting both new college graduates and mid-level career executives. If you have second thoughts about working in a BPO company, here are the top reasons why you ought to consider doing so.

Gain stability and financial security

While rapid changes across the globe are virtually eliminating many industries, the BPO industry expands. The pioneers, many of which are now giants, remain robust. A lot of new players are emerging. Investors from all over the world pour millions of dollars into the industry. Hence, if you work in a BPO company, you can expect to gain stability and financial security in your job.

Access to Career Growth Opportunities

From leadership, technical, to workforce management, career growth opportunities are abundant in BPO companies. It is in your hands to decide your career path where you want to grow.

As the industry grows, staff is trained for leadership positions and applicants are hired to replace them. This means you can grow professionally with the company. Learning a new set of skills will help boost your credentials and improve your chance getting promoted.

Learn the Current Best Practices in Your Field

Developing those new skills means learning the practices that are the current trend in your chosen profession. If you work in a BPO company, you’ll have access to various avenues of learning,from professional mentors to online classes that teach product knowledge, soft skills, and leadership programs.

Gain Global Exposure

The higher you go up the ranks of a BPO company, the more exposure you get to the clients. Since many are from multinational companies based abroad, you’ll be exposed to their culture, business etiquette, and corporate models. Such experience can be your stepping stone to prepare you for higher leadership in your organization.

Receive Competitive Compensation and Great Benefits

Compensation in the BPO industry is very competitive compared to other industries. This is one of the reasons why BPO job opportunities are very attractive to job seekers. Aside from that, you can receive generous benefits like health insurance, life insurance, company stock shares, free meals, performance-based bonus, and an annual salary increase are also given on top of your basic pay.

Since the job market is changing and expanding more rapidly and unpredictably than ever before, it’s now more important than ever to have a secure job for a bright future. Having stable work will keep you secure no matter the shifts that your field undergoes. Ensure this for yourself by working in a BPO company. Robust, thriving and dynamic, the BPO industry is now among the best industries to build a career.