Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study 1: US-based Fast Growth Company Uses iSupport Worldwide Offshoring & Outsourcing Service to Transform High Volume Call & Sales Organization

What was the challenge? The client was in the early stages of launching their well-funded startup and ready to sky rocket. They had one issue, the nature of their business and their clientele meant that they would receive a high number of inbound customer service calls starting from day one, yet they had no customer service team. Additionally, they were best served by focusing on their product, and not building out the infrastructure required to run a large customer service team. They needed to provide efficient high quality support to their customer from early morning until midnight, seven days a week. To complicate matters further, they had a need to provide multilingual support to their customer base, namely English and Spanish.

What was the solution? iSupport Worldwide worked closely with the US based team to build a highly skilled customer service department that would attend to their customers with the highest level of quality required by the client. Fully staffed, seven days a week, iSupport Worldwide team grew to match the growth of the client, which soon began to have inbound call volumes as high as 5,000 per day. In addition to the team located in Manila, a highly functional team in our San Salvador office was built to both fulfil the need for Spanish only speaking calls as well as provide redundancy and load balancing for the Manila team.

What was the result? Fast forward to now, two years later, and the iSupport Worldwide team is better than ever. With a head count of around 50, the client has built multiple teams handing everything from customer questions, to product support, to renewals, to escalation for more complex issues. The customer feedback regarding their experiment is resoundingly positive. iSupport Worldwide was geared up for the lighting fast growth the customer experienced. We were able to continuously provide top quality support while saving the customer roughly 65% per year when compared to building a similar size team stateside.

iSupport Worldwide is dedicated to providing a highly scalable solution to our clients. All aspects of our business model are designed to provide this ability while never giving up quality. We know the experience your customers receive when doing business with you is a direct reflection on iSupport Worldwide.